Poison in Clothing – Poison for skin and wastewater

Clothing should often hold not only warm, but like a second skin to emphasize our personality. Often, unfortunately, this second skin contains toxic substances that can penetrate into our blood system that has a recent study by Greenpeace proved.

This message can not ignore even die fast fashion fans: The environmental organization Greenpeace has analyzed 141 pieces of clothing from 29 countries on toxins and find anything anywhere. Only parts of Zara, Benetton, Mango were also Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Products by Zara contained both hormonally active, as well as cancer-causing chemicals: High NPE residues were found in a child’s jacket from China, carcinogenic amines derived from azo colorants in Zara jeans , manufactured in Pakistan.

Fashion Brands abuse worldwide flows as private sewers and so contaminate the drinking water of millions of people , says Christiane Huxdorff , chemical expert of Greenpeace. And it does not matter where the clothes are made , the toxins get into our blood.

The Detox campaign aims to fight against the poisoning of our clothes and calls on manufacturers to ban the chemicals from the clothes production. In 2011 , initial manufacturers have committed to convert to toxic free production , including Marks & Spencer and H & M. Here is a list of tested clothing and Ergennisse.