Is the Future Fashion Guide online – Finally in cool

Only a fraction of the labels in the Fashion Guide Future

Lovers of good dresses and understands well not only the appearance , aesthetics and quality of his clothing but also growing and production conditions and environmental aspects , is sometimes an obstacle . Where to get ? Experienced go to the thrift shop they trust, not know maybe a handful of boutiques or online stores. However : research is needed. The transition to the usual suspects such as H & M , Zara and others, as it is lighter and often tempting.

Anna Litvak and her team have, however, made ​​to the Future Fashion Guide that everyone should have it so easy to get to eco-fair fashion . And so they have researched in the past six years, collected and fair fashion fairs in Berlin, attended the Ethical Fashion Show and the Green Showroom and have also found: eco-fashion is rarely as “ökig ” as is unfortunately often still present. On the contrary, things are cool, have nothing hidden and have earned an appealing presentation.

Litwaks mission: “As easy as we now switching to green electricity or organic food, so should be easy and the transition to green fashion”.

And since 1 September is this form of presentation is now online: The Future Fashion Guide. A total of 140 labels are presented here , including brief insights into the look book, information, for whom the collections are designed and tailored ( whether male or female or children), which attributes or what style of clothing applies. And also helpful: Matching Stores , online and offline, are to put on each label.